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MMA Amplified

Amplify your MMA-event experience - download the King of Predictions iPhone application! The KoP app is an MMA prediction game in its ultimate format, to be enjoyed before, during and after MMA-events.

Use your MMA-knowledge and the KoP app to submit fight predictions – by winner (2p), method (1p) and round (1p) – for any given major MMA-event, then challenge friends by e-mail (and shortly on Facebook) for the King of Predictions title and whatever else you choose to throw into the mix…

Watching the MMA-event, the KoP app shows you yours and selected friends’ fight predictions in detail. A live feed of fight results from FightMetric scores the game in real time – watch your position in the pecking order change fight by fight in your quest to earn the King of Predictions title and the virtual KoP belt.

In between events, see how your MMA-knowledge ranks you against friends and MMA-fans around the world. The top dog of the World Ranking is the pound-4-pound, undisputed King of Predictions!



  • Make predictions on MMA events
  • Share predictions via e-mail (and shortly on Facebook)
  • Create Friend List to compete against and be ranked among friends
  • Create Party to compete against friends and access friends’ predictions
  • Real time fight-by-fight scoring by Tracking Predictions
  • See how you rank globally and against friends on each event and on five latest events
  • No spoilers for late viewers, as scoring is made by user’s command only
  • Access full Prediction History
  • Use as MMA calendar

The King of Predictions application is available for the iPhone. Android release is planned for first part of 2011.